I Posted my Anxiety Attack on Instagram

Anxiety Attack Instagram

Who actually does that? Post their mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks and/or depression episodes on social media? Awhile ago I read about this woman who shared a before and after picture of her panic attack in order to bring awareness to the issue(s) of mental illness. I suppose this stuck with me and during my most recent anxiety attack – I took a selfie. The next day… I decided to share it.

After posting it to my Instagram, I felt like embarrassed. That others will only see it as “seeking attention.” For a few hours I constantly thought about it. However, others were commenting on it giving words of encouragement. One comment really stuck out to me,

You are amazing. It is very brave of you to share your most vulnerable self. Hang in there, hugs from here and keep being your authentic self to bring a voice to this issue that affects so many people.” – poweredbybling

Anxiety Attack Instagram

My cats even tried to comfort me while I tried to sleep it off. I am so grateful for my animal companions.

To be completely honest, I am still embarrassed of the photo but I refuse to take it down. I will speak freely about my mental health as should everyone. I hope that I can help raise awareness and encourage others to talk about these issues. If you are hurting because of mental illness, you are brave. You are more than enough. You are strong and courageous. People do care and there are people who love you. Continue to fight because you WILL come out victorious.

I’ve learned to celebrate my life, to embrace it. If I have the problems, the problems don’t have me. They’re not something I’m ashamed of.” – Carrie Fisher



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  • Whitney Ryan

    Megan, this is SO POWERFUL. The only way to break the stigma of mental illness is to be open and honest about it. Brava for taking a bold step like this! You just made it okay for someone who saw the photo to talk about it…and that’s exactly what we need to change the conversation. Thank you for being so brave!

    • Thank you, truly. It is still embarrassing – seeing it online for all to see… But like you said, it may help or inspire others to open up about their own mental health. I really hope it does. 🙂

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