Aiden’s First Snow (Pictures!)

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First Snow

This past weekend we had a pretty awesome snow storm. It was Aiden’s first snow! It is pretty cool because this past weekend was also his second birthday! We honestly didn’t do much to celebrate but he had fun running (and tripping) in the snow. I threw mini sized snowballs at him and chased him around a bit. He helped my mother and I put out deer corn and bird seed. We had to return inside even though we weren’t outside for very long. Aiden’s nose became bright red and all of us were shivering.

For his birthday, we had a small cake, his favorite spaghetti, and only a couple of presents. Aiden was able to skype with his father after dinner. It is sad that he couldn’t be physically here to celebrate with us… But Aiden really enjoyed the video chat! For a good duration of the chat, they were playing “peek-a-boo” with lots of laughing. 🙂


Overall, I think Aiden was more impressed with the cake than he was with the actual snow. I am pretty happy that he got to experience his first snow though! Hopefully there will be many more snowy winters for us to play in!

Did you get snow recently? How was it? Not too bad, I hope! Tell us about it in the comments section.

January 10, 2017
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