Cosplay Planned for 2017! (my top 5 picks)

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Cosplay 2017

Cosplay! What is it?

For those who aren’t familiar with cosplay – it is the combination of the words “costume + play.” It is a fast growing trend. Dress up as your favorite character from a favorite show, book, etc. then show it off at an Anime Convention (which isn’t JUST anime just fyi). It can be really fun… when you don’t obsess over the tiniest details. It can also become quite costly… but it is worth every penny especially when you are in it for the long haul (and plan to wear your cosplay more than once). Cosplay is a lot more fun when you have friends or meet people who are also cosplaying from the same show, book, etc that you are cosplaying – fun photos can be staged and MAYBE you can even perform a skit onstage at a convention! \

I was into it several years ago BUT the perfectionist side of me made it not so fun… for myself and for those I was with. However, this time around I pledge to not be such a perfectionist, to be laid back, and not stress. Cosplay should be fun – not a chore. So… this post is about 5 cosplays that I plan to complete by the end of the year 2017! At the end of this post, I have also included several photos of past cosplays/costumes.

Cosplay planned for 2017

  1. MC and/or Saeyoung from the mobile game, Mystic Messenger
  2. Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie
  3. Female Hawke from Dragon Age 2
  4. Grey Warden armor from Dragon Age
  5. Female MC from Persona 3

Cosplay from the Past

top left to bottom right

  1. Harley Quinn Arkham Knight
  2. Raver
  3. Silent Hill Nurse
  4. Lenne from Final Fantasy 10-2
  5. Ashe & Rasler’s wedding attire from Final Fantasy 12
  6. Serah Farron from Final Fantasy 13

So How About it?

Have you cosplayed before? Are you considering cosplay if you haven’t already? What are your top picks? Please share in the comments!

January 2, 2017
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