Christmas 2016: How it went and gift haul!

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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

How did everyone’s Christmas turn out? I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas – spent with friends, family, and/or loving pets! Even if you don’t celebrate actual Christmas, I do hope it was a great holiday! This post is just a short summary of how our Christmas went. I also want to share with you what my family gave me.

First Christmas

This was our first Christmas with my niece! I cannot go into detail about her family situation… But we were extremely excited and happy that she was able to spend Christmas with us this year. I had so much fun picking out gifts for her! She is big on Disney princesses and Nightmare Before Christmas! When she received a big Sally plush doll, she was so happy – made my heart soar! Also seeing her open gifts alongside my son was a really (whats the word…) joyful (?) sight. They were both excited about their gifts. They learned to share nicely and play together too.

Christmas… But not really…

Despite being excited about having both children here for Christmas… It still didn’t TRULY FEEL like Christmas. Over the past several years we have had a lot of loss in our small family… There were a lot of empty spaces. It never gets easier (in my honest opinion) no matter how many years go by after losing someone dear. It would have been so nice to see my grandparents, my dad, and my aunt here with the children… Feeling just as excited as I did. I hope I eventually learn to put these feelings on a mental “back burner” someday. Another reason it didn’t truly feel like Christmas is because my husband is still in Florida working for another year or so. We sent him gifts but it really sucked that he wasn’t able to be here with our son. Hopefully next year he will be here!

Gift Haul!

I won’t lie… I am spoiled. By my entire family. Quite shamelessly in fact. I really am appreciative though. I know they never HAVE to give me anything. To avoid expensive shipping charges, my husband sent me money to buy gifts. At first it was quite overwhelming! I couldn’t choose anything… I was kind of scared to commit to a purchase! So… what I eventually picked out was two wolf spirit hoods, crystals, some Sailor Moon collectibles, and a Windows Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Pro 4 will benefit us both. He (when he has time) develops html 5 games! Right now, we are discussing a game app project and I will be attempting to do most of the artwork. The Surface Pro 4 will be helpful in this aspect because I will be able to draw, color, and then send the files directly to him INSTEAD of using paper, then scanning, then fixing the outlines, etc etc. I am pretty excited about practicing and getting good at using a tablet. I want to be able to help my husband out!

My mom and brother surprised me with Sailor Moon collectibles, a fujifilm instax mini 8, crystals, and books about blogging! My mom also put together a “jewelry electro-forming” kit piece by piece for me. I will be experimenting with crystals and electroplating them in copper! Once I become proficient at it – I hope to open an Etsy store! Hopefully, you will find a piece that you like and buy from me?!


How was your Christmas or holiday? How did you celebrate? Any gifts you received that you are excited about? Share with us in the comments! I’d love to read them.

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