5 Things I Hope Happen in the next 5 Years

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5 things to happen in 5 years

These are the top 5 things I hope happen in the next 5 years… However I am not great at estimating time – my expectations are never quite realistic. With that in mind, here we go!

Top 5 Things I Hope Happen in the next 5 Years

  1. Reunite with my husband
    1. Right now he is working in Florida at Walt Disney World while our son and I are living with my mother in North Carolina. I did a blog post that lightly touches this subject, which can be viewed here.
  2. Get a job (at home preferably)
    1. Being a parent of a young child and dealing with multiple chronic health issues kind of make it undesirable to have an outside-of-the-house job. I definitely would not mind it but being able to stay at home would be preferable. My husband and my mother have been more than supportive of this. Starting next year I plan on making jewelry and other handmade items to sell on Etsy. This blog is also going to grow and develop.
  3. Purchase mountain property
    1. I do not like large amounts of people living right outside my doorstep. Neither does my husband nor my mother. We hope and plan to move to the mountains one day. Farming, solar power, and aquaponics are a few of the things we want to do on our future property. Not only is sustainable living good but it would also be pretty nice to blog about! Plus having a large amount of land would give our dogs a lot of running room!
  4. Have more than enough in savings
    1. Not having a job and relying on my husband and mother for everything not only sucks but it scares me. What happens when I can’t rely on my mother? What happens if my husband becomes unemployed? I want to have a lot of money in our savings to cover medical care (at least!).
  5. Our son enrolled in private school
    1. My husband and I decided that our son will either be home-schooled or enrolled in a private school. We do not like public schools because of past experiences and how the system is doing now. I went to private school for 8 years and I liked it. It would be nice for our son to experience it.

A lot can happen in just 1 year, so I hope that most (if not all) on this list will happen in 5 years. Do you have a list similar to this one? Any hopes for the next several years? Please share in the comments!


November 29, 2016
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