A Life Update and Various Changes

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Life update as of November 02, 2016 – a lot has changed since I launched this blog. I want to share with you why I am not posting like I had originally planned.

My Life Update

A Big Move

During October 2015, my husband and I moved to Florida with our young son. We moved to live in and take care of my husband’s grandfather’s second house while my husband worked to save money. Both of us put in a lot of work towards fixing up the house. He and I also tried hard to make it seem like home. However, there were a lot of issues living in such a highly populated area… at least for me. Noise, large crowds, not able to find good healthcare, and more reasons just kept adding up. My husband and I decided that for now, we will live apart while he continues to work and save up. Our son and I (and our cats) are now back in North Carolina with my mother.

our son, Aiden

Health Changes

One of the biggest reasons why I returned to NC was the lack of good healthcare in FL. I honestly could not find doctors that I TRULY LIKED in the area that also accepted my insurance. I am on my mother’s insurance plan until next year… so I want to take advantage of it while I can. Here in NC, I can go back to my old doctors. A psychiatrist in FL has diagnosed me with “medication resistant depression” and that TMS treatment would be the best course of action – I plan on starting it soon with a practice recommended by my NC doctor (which is comforting). TMS stands for “Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation.” It is a treatment that sends magnetic waves into specific regions of the brain to stimulate them into “cooperating” with the medication.

medication health instagram

Despite Everything

Even though living in Florida wasn’t meant for me, especially now, I do miss it. I miss my husband, our friends, some of the convenience (Starbucks only 5 minutes away), and of course Walt Disney World. It sucks knowing that my husband and son will miss each other especially during the upcoming holidays. This situation isn’t going to be super long-term, but it still sucks. My husband is strong and I believe in him wholeheartedly, which makes all this a bit easier.

Husband and I

Thank you for reading. Have you had a big change or move recently? Was it hard or easy for you and your family?








November 2, 2016
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