Bucket List: What I Have Accomplished (so Far)

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For a while now I have been adding images to my bucket list board on Pinterest. Recently, I scrolled through it and realized that I have accomplished quite a bit. I want to share my bucket list accomplishments with you to maybe inspire you to create your own list. Hopefully this “accomplished” list will grow a lot more as time goes on. Are some of these on your own bucket list?

My Pinterest board makes this list of accomplishments pretty short in comparison. Maybe if I quit adding to my list, it wouldn’t be so daunting. Do you keep adding things to your bucket list? How long is it so far? If you haven’t already, make a Pinterest board for it and share it in the comments!

What I’ve Completed on my Bucket List so far

[x] “be called mommy”

[x] have a baby

[x] get married at a young age

[x] receive a promise ring

[x] have a cute guy buy me coffee (my husband :P)

[x] say “I do”

[x] have a healthy pregnancy

[x] be an aunt

[x] be the best parents we can be

[x] be a stay at home mom

[x] have a nerf war with my husband

[x] have a son

[x] have a baby fall asleep in my arms

[x] study abroad

[x] graduate college

[x] live in Japan

[x] eat authentic Japanese Tonkatsu ramen

[x] shop in Tokyo

[x] visit Japan

[x] adopt an animal

[x] own a poly-dactyl cat

[x] adopt a shetland sheepdog

[x] own a bunch of cats

[x] adopt a puppy

[x] have a dog for its entire life

[x] have a black cat

[x] hold a baby turtle

[x] work at Walt Disney World

[x] go to Walt Disney World with best friend(s)

[x] meet Minnie Mouse

[x] spend an entire day watching Disney movies

[x] be the maid/matron of honor at my friend’s wedding

[x] see my best friend get married to the man of her dreams

[x] watch the sunset at the beach

[x] have a white Christmas

[x] cosplay

[x] have poems published

[x] own an iphone 4s

[x] own a pair of skinny jeans

[x] be spoiled on Valentine’s Day

[x] have a pajama party

[x] send a present to a soldier

[x] shoot a gun

[x] learn to play piano

[x] ride on the back of a motorcycle

[x] donate money for charity

[x] receive a love letter

October 13, 2016
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