No Niche? Is it necessary?

blogging without a niche

Countless blog posts and even my husband says that a niche is a must to successfully have a blog with returning readers. I cannot simply narrow down what I want to post about to a single topic. Lifestyle blogging is a ‘thing’ and many bloggers consider themselves such. I hope that I will be successful like the lifestyle bloggers I have seen. Sharing personal experiences and information about my health issues help me and I hope my posts will help others too. Recently, I found two blog posts that show that niches are not truly needed and I want to share them!

#1 Helene in Between

…I decided to go personal. I wrote about my life and also included a deal or two. Then I nixed the whole “deal” thing and blogged about what I wanted to.

The quote above is from Helene’s blog post, Is It Okay to NOT Have a Niche Blog?

Helene also lists several other niche-less lifestyle blogs as examples. I have yet to check them out, though. This post helped inspire me to stick with the niche-less path.

…As long as you’re passionate, you can find the right approach that works for you. Just know that a niche blog doesn’t have to be the only path.

#2 Hey there, Chelsie

…I’ve been reading articles about how I should hone in on my niche and pick a specific topic to write about consistently. I was getting so frustrated because I’m not ready to pick just one topic; I want to write about a bunch of topics!

This is from the second blog post I found by Chelsie, Why Lifestyle Blogs Matter

Chelsie has written a beautiful list explaining why lifestyle bloggers are important and why having a specific niche isn’t necessary. She provides a few examples of other lifestyle blogs too. Her list is very encouraging and definitely worth the read.

…Reading other blogs helps me find compassion and empathy. Lifestyle blogs allow me to broaden my horizons and open my mind to others’ beliefs and views.


Please check these blogs out! What is your opinion on niche-less lifestyle blogs? Are there any you recommend?

September 21, 2016
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